Those have included calls to transform the state’s K 12 schools

We publish editorials when we believe our unique perspective can lend clarity and influence an upcoming decision of great public interest. Editorials are opinion pieces and therefore different from news articles.To respond to this editorial steroids, post your comment below steroids, submit an OpEd or a letter to the editor.If you have questions about the opinion section, email Helen Jung, opinion editor, or call 503 294 7621.In recent years steroids, The Oregonian/OregonLive Editorial Board has released an annual “agenda” at the start of the year that lists the most pressing state and local issues that we believe leaders should address. Those have included calls to transform the state’s K 12 schools, fix structural problems in the public employee pension system, reform the criminal justice system and help Portland to become a more functional city.

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steroids Editorial: Strengthen message on sports supplementsEditorial: Strengthen message on sports supplements (May 11, 2005) Legal performance enhancing drugs have unknown risks, raise significant ethical implications and erode the pride of ‘doing it myself’The most disturbing aspect of last week’s cover story (Weekly, May 4) about high school athlete use of performance enhancing drugs was what was not being said by coaches and athletes. What was missing was a strong statement that such PEDs, as they are abbreviated, will not be tolerated on high school sports teams and in sports programs. It is not a question of their being illegal steroids, like the steroids that have blemished careers of many nationally and internationally known athletes in recent years. steroids

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