Satellite Maps of agricultural land usage in Ukraine

  • Up-to-date satellite imagery combined with cadastre data
  • Accurate crop data on any field

How to use the Crop Monitoring data

  • Learn how the agricultural lands are used
  • Explore complete crop classification map by region
  • Detect crop rotation deviations
  • Check yield data by region
  • Access open data on each field
  • Discover lands where double harvests are gathered

About EOS Crop Monitoring Technologies

Satellite crop monitoring allows users to monitor the condition of the crops, weather, identify problem areas and respond in a timely manner

For farmers
  • Easy-to-use solution for remote monitoring of the field state
  • Access to historical vegetation data
  • Accurate weather forecasts
  • A built-in scouting app to locate issues on the fields
For insurers
  • Climate map and satellite weather data
  • Satellite analytics to assess and predict field performance
  • Weather risks forecasts
  • Cost reduction for field scouting
For agrotrading
  • Up-to-date data on land assessment and crop classification across the country
  • Notifications about cold/heat stress, winter kill
  • Assessment of crop growth conditions
  • Costs reduction for logistics

Project partners

  • The World Bank
  • Інститут космічних досліджень НАН України The Space Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

How we collect data

Gather field data
Build models and classifications using neural networks
Upload and preprocess satellite data
Validate the accuracy of the results from independent test data and compare the acreage in the official registry

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