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Satellite images of property are clear and accurate as never before

Introduce your clients to the different types of establishments with accurate and clear satellite property search. The investigation is available in a remote mode to allow you to boost your business opportunities without leaving the office.

Objects Assessment

  • Keep instantly feeling the pulse of urban life with remote access to the location of properties in order to pinpoint the distance to schools, hospitals and other establishments of a need.
  • Compare demographic data by the areas with the best satellite real estate images that are accessible wheresoever. The clear imagery facilitates the analysis of infrastructure concerning its cost and in the aims of calculation and visualization, using real images as an example.

Access to Historical Imagery

  • Having immediate access to the historical data, you are able to deliver high-res imagery considering the properties of all types. Coach your customers with exact satellite property maps refreshable in a wink.
  • The satellite property view is a crucial feature with which you can easily identify fast-growing areas and opportunities. Satellite property search is essential if you are planning to launch abode augmentations and other related events that influence real estate value. This also will help to monitor the dynamics of the competitors’ object development.

Objects Monitoring

  • With satellite images of property lines, it is possible to conduct remote site examination in order to estimate the need for substantial improvement and examine the damage of weather-related aftermath.
  • Furthermore, it makes sense to track the development of nearby objects having such an option in a toolkit.

Integration into other products (API)

  • Insert recently taken property satellite images in the pipeline of real estate or even ventures investing in property without leaving the office.
  • Try this best real estate management, so this way you’ll achieve success with your business.

Find the object of interest right now.